Love recognizes no separate religions. It is Love which gives birth to religions. In the divine world there are no religions. There, only love exists. Love is the very atmosphere of the divine world. Everything there actually breathes love. But since love cannot fully manifest on earth, there arose a need for religions. If however, you wish to accomplish the will of God, you must substitute Love for religion.

Love stands above nationality. Love stands above any religion. Love itself creates the religious.

There are no religions in the divine world. Religions appear because Love cannot manifest itself on earth.

Then everyone who loves you will be priests and ministers in your temple.

The greatest thing in the world is to come to know God as Love.

The beauty of our life is in our connection with God, who is Love.

Love contains within itself all conditions, all possibilities, all methods by which the human soul

might develop to its fullness.

Only Love can awaken within the soul its hidden potentialities. Science and art cannot be the

stimuli for the awakening of the human soul. This is temporary knowledge. The only true work

in the world is the science of Love. It is the great object of learning for the soul . . .

When the first ray of Love shines out for you, you will experience within your soul such

indescribable bliss, such light, such a mighty impulse in your mind, and such a striving of your

will, that all obstacles of the world will begin to melt before you.

A few moments of existence within the Divine Love are infinitely more precious than a

thousand years of ordinary human life spent in great pleasures and enjoyments.

In loving, we seek God. We have to love God in order to receive and experience Him.

In receiving Him, we experience His wisdom.

It is written in the Scripture: “Thou shalt Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all

thy soul, and with all thy mind, and thy neighbor as thyself.”

This is the only law that manifests itself in three worlds.

Loving God, you are in the divine world.

Loving yourself, your soul, you are in the spiritual world.

Loving your neighbor, you are in the physical world.

If man adheres to this law, there will be no power in the world that can resist him, no thought

that will not be subject to him and that will not help him to attain his ideal.

From: Beinsa Duno, The Master Speaks, Sunrise Press, Los Angels 1970

There is One who is Love, Wisdom and Truth. Only One! And all living Nature speaks about this One, the Great. They call Him Lord, God, Father. He pervades everything, permeates the whole Being, envelops the entire world, all solar and stellar systems, and still He remains hidden, unrevealed. Throughout the whole of eternity He shall not reveal Himself, for being the Absolute, the Eternal, He is without form.
Peter Deunov