To live life eternal… This eternal life to which mystics aspire is not a length of time but a state of consciousness. From the moment we come into contact with the divine Source, and for as long as we dwell within it, eternal life begins to circulate within us.

For eternal life is an abundant, rich and full quality of life.
A very simple image can give you an idea.

Let’s take a stick – it is a straight object with a beginning and an end, so something limited. Just like time.

But now suppose that this stick is flexible and that it bends until the two ends meet: it becomes a circle, and this circle can give us an idea of eternity, with no beginning and no end, an infinite unit. Each moment of our life that we manage to link to the divine Source enters into the circle and becomes eternal life; on entering the circle, it changes nature, it is no longer a detached part of the Whole.

While every point on the straight line is a moment of time, every point on the circle is a moment of eternity.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov