Humans seek power, wealth, knowledge, love, and so on. But above all else, it is life they must seek.

You may say you do not need to search for life since you have it, and that you must search for what you do not have. While it is true that you are alive, life is not the same in all beings, it has degrees.

Everything that exists is alive, from minerals to God, including plants, animals, humans and the angelic hierarchies. But being alive is not enough – we must ask ourselves what the quality of this life is.

Of course, by virtue of their physical conformation, human beings lead the life of a human.

But internally, their life can take on all kinds of aspects: that of stones, plants or animals, just as that of angels and archangels.

It is this angelic life they must seek to make flow within them – this current that springs pure and clear from the original Source.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov