“(…) Thus, from an occult point of view, you should clarify for yourselves the question of giving and receiving. Each thought and feeling that you have should be strictly determined.

When you love, you should do so without any compulsion. Whoever is loved does a favour to the person who loves him. And whoever loves needs to be unburdened in order to feel better. In other words, whoever loves wants to give part of his burden to the beloved.
He says: “I see that you are strong, so I want to put part of my burden on your back.” To love and to be loved – in occult terms this means the right distribution of the burden between two people. The mutual relationships between them are represented in the examples of the empty bottle and the full basket. If your bottle is empty, let another fill it with water; if your basket is full of bread, give to others who have nothing. You should observe these two situations in order to create mutual relationships based upon respect and esteem. Many people have no respect or esteem, either for themselves or for others. First, one should maintain self-respect, respect for one’s higher consciousness, for the soul, and then – for others, for those around us. If you have a cat at home, how do you treat it? You touch its ears and tail, you caress its hair, so that at times the cat is angry with you and ready to scratch you.

But generally it endures everything. However, if you treat a person like a cat you’ll insult that person. That is why when you visit someone you should not express your love for that person as you would for a cat. Love for a cat differs from love for a human being. Love for a human being is based on strictly determined mathematical relations.

If two individuals who are in love observe these relations, there will be harmony between them. Today, when two people meet, one of them will think: “I am more educated,” “I am taller,” “I am richer” and so on. In reply, the other will think: “But I am cleverer,” “I am better,” “I am heavier,” etc. As a result of these comparisons they will begin fighting and competing and this will spoil their relationship. I ask, what is the reason for disharmonious relationships among contemporary people?
Such disharmony is due to the fact that human beings base their love upon knowledge, upon wealth and so on.

You should consider one thing: Love is a strictly determined law that does not depend upon any social situation or relationship. This can be experienced. Neither knowledge nor power nor wealth can hold Love.

You can observe this every step of the way in Life. Show me someone who is happy because he is powerful, learned or rich. When they enter life, many think that they will be excluded from love. No, Love does not exclude. Every human being in life is like a comma in its proper place. The comma signifies a little rest, yet often the comma is put where there is no need for a rest. The smallest Love in the physical world represents the smallest rest, so that one can catch his breath after he has become tired. Or, the smallest impression that one can receive in the physical world represents the smallest Love.

Since you now know this, everyone should work consciously upon themselves, because one’s turn will come to enter into this wheel. Everyone has one’s own time to be set alight. Toward this aim the required quantity of fire should be prepared within one’s self. This fire is set by one’s experiences. Without these experiences nothing can be attained. What do you do when you see a lit candle? You want to be alight too. Do not be in a hurry! As the wheel is turning, so will your own turn also come. But until then one must go through great trials and sufferings.

(…) A long time is required before humans will give place to the Divine, to the Great within themselves. During this time humans should work upon themselves, in order to create proper and pure relationships among themselves, based not on violence, but on the Law of Freedom.
Peter Deunov