What is a quality, a virtue? A spiritual being that has come to dwell in humans to manifest itself through them. So, if you want higher beings to come manifest themselves through you, by giving you new light and new powers, prepare the right conditions for them.

And above all, show them that you have been able to bear fruit with what you have already received. Then, how joyfully they will go about enriching and embellishing you further, embellishing and enriching others through you too!
You will make these gifts and virtues bear fruit by participating consciously and harmoniously in universal life.

And do not say this requires too much effort which others might not recognize. Whether others recognize your efforts or not should be of no concern to you.

The only opinion that should matter to you is that of your heavenly Father; for it is to him that you will one day be accountable for the use you have made of the riches he has given you. As he has given them to you, they are yours, but they will only really belong to you if you make them bear fruit for the good of all.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov