Humans are rarely aware of their mental habits. When one person starts a job, they might be immediately stressed and tense; another person’s first reaction when faced with any new situation might be to oppose it or to be critical; another person might feel too weak, and yet another may become quickly discouraged, and so on.

But as they are not even aware of their reactions, they can do nothing to address them, and in any given situation, they always find an excuse to adopt a negative attitude.
So, the first thing that everyone must do is to study themselves in order to get to know themselves better. The moment they see themselves clearly, they will already have the means to remedy the situation: they will instantly receive a boost and be able to mobilize the possibilities the Creator has placed in their subconscious, their consciousness and their superconsciousness.

By developing this habit of studying and being lucid about themselves, they will make progress each and every day.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov