The moment people get married, they think they know what marriage is all about. No.

Given the casualness and the obliviousness with which so many men and women decide to unite their destinies, they clearly do not. They do not know that before being a human institution, marriage is a cosmic phenomenon: the union of the two great masculine and feminine principles: God the Father, and his wife, the Divine Mother.

Since man and woman were created in the image of these two principles, by marrying, they are simply repeating the mysteries that have been celebrated from the very beginning in the celestial regions.
Everything that exists in the universe is born of an encounter, a union, a fusion between the masculine principle – the spirit – and the feminine principle – matter.

Marriage, its meaning, its greatness, comes from the fact that it is the reflection and the reiteration of cosmic phenomena.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov