To justify their non-belief, some people say they will believe in God only when they see him.

But the poor souls will never see anything, for no one has ever seen God.

We can feel his presence, we can even see his manifestations – lightning, projections of light – but we cannot see the author of these manifestations, because it is simply impossible for physical eyes to see God.
For an object or being to be seen, it must have a shape, proportion, limits, and be situated somewhere in space or in time; however, God is beyond time and space.

Therefore, we can only perceive reflections of him, manifestations scattered everywhere, among stones, plants, animals, and especially among humans: in their elevated thoughts, their feelings of generosity, their gestures of kindness or courage, and in their works of art. And the more we purify ourselves, the more we distinguish traces of God, of his life, his perfume and his music.

When we contemplate the sun, we can say ‘I saw God in the sun’s light, I felt God in its warmth, and now, I am more alive.’ 

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov