Many people say they have found meaning in their lives thanks to love, others thanks to power, study or to life’s pleasures. Yes, maybe.

But in reality, human beings can only truly find the meaning of life in work – work dedicated to a divine goal.

This work makes them beneficial to humanity, to the point that during their sleep, beings of light caring for our planet invite them to take part in their councils.

Initiatic Science reveals the mysteries of human beings to us and teaches us about their spirits and souls and about the nature of their activities and powers.
Once you understand this, you will know that the only thing you can count on is this work that you have decided to undertake for your improvement and for the good of the entire world. The day you can truly place this work first, you will not be able to find the words to describe how you feel, for through this work you will feel true life flood your entire being.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov