Humans are always ready to fight evil.

Certainly, their intentions are good, but they will never succeed in conquering it, in society or in other people.

And they will not conquer it in themselves either. You may say, ‘But what must we do, then?’ Deal only with what is good.

In dealing only with what is good, we draw on the energies of evil, which we are then able to transform. Just like grafting.
What do gardeners do? Into the stem of an unproductive but sturdy tree, they insert a shoot from a good quality tree, which will benefit from the other’s sturdiness.

We have to do this same operation in our psychic life, since we are similar to trees. Thanks to the light of the spiritual sun, we can transform the raw sap of our instinctual tendencies into elaborated sap, which will then provide the flowers and fruits of our soul and our spirit.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov