Each day we have to solve the problems posed by the fact that we have two natures, a higher and a lower nature, or our individuality and our personality.

So, we must begin by acquiring the knowledge that will enable us to tell the difference between the two.

And most importantly, if we do not want to be continually pulled this way and that between them, we must put our lower nature in the service of our higher nature and keep a constant eye on it, because it is rebellious and crafty. Even if it appears to accept the authority of the higher nature, it is in fact endlessly seeking to overturn its power.
Perhaps you think, then, that the simplest thing would be to get rid of the lower nature? No, it is part of being human; without it, humans would not be able to survive, because it is a store of hidden resources: their instincts, their appetites and everything that enables them to remain attached to the earth, where they are destined to live for a certain amount of time.

They just have to learn to be more intelligent and stronger than it is, for once it is mastered it is their higher nature’s best servant.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov