How many people there are who think they are capable of following a spiritual Master, when they are still full of thoughts, feelings and desires that prevent them from receiving what he says and putting it into practice! They have no space in them for such a teaching. And, often, it would be better if they kept themselves at a bit of a distance, because in wanting to walk a path that is not made for them they will one day find themselves in the grip of serious contradictions.

They won’t understand why nothing is happening the way they expected it to, and not only will they suffer but they will make others suffer too, and they will even hinder the work of the person they say they want to learn from.
Contrary to what some may believe, a spiritual Master is not fond of being surrounded by a crowd of people. He knows that his teaching is not for everyone.

He simply hopes that, whatever level they are at, all those who come to him at least receive a few truths that will help them progress.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov