Happiness is a gift of the heart. To be happy, we have to expand our heart and keep on expanding it until it embraces the whole universe.

It is love that opens the way to happiness.

Yes, love, not science or philosophy.

Those who are very knowledgeable do not necessarily find happiness, as we can see, whereas those who do not know very much but have a big heart feel happy.
The Creator has placed happiness in the heart, not in the mind. Science and wisdom can only prepare the path and give directions and explanations.

To be happy we have to love, but with wisdom as our guide, so that we know which beings and which ventures to give our love to. Otherwise, we are asking to be greatly deceived, and we will be very unhappy.

So, love and wisdom are connected. Wisdom shows love how to be more enlightened, and love shows wisdom how to become warmer.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov