True clairvoyance, our true eyes are found in our heart; for it is love that opens our eyes.

When you love someone, you see all sorts of beautiful things in them that no one else sees.

Those who don’t have this love for them may think you exaggerate, but you see this person just as God originally created them, or just like they will be when they return to the bosom of the Eternal.
Only love has the power to open our spiritual eyes. People who wish to become clairvoyant must learn to love.

For if they don’t love, they are blind to other people’s magnificent qualities and to the wonders of nature. And not only do they not see them, they also constantly criticize the Creator for having done things so badly: in his place, they would have done things differently…

and better, of course! But so long as their heart is closed, they will be unable to enter the kingdom of mysteries.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov