‘Our Father, who are in heaven’ is how Jesus teaches us to pray in the Gospel, and we ask this Father, ‘Give us today our daily bread’, that is to say the quantity of food we need to get through the day. There is no need to ask for any more than that.

The amount we need for the present day must suffice.
This bread – the symbol of the food required for our physical life – must also and above all be understood on the spiritual plane. Each morning, we must seek this heavenly bread, and we don’t need to stock up with it for several days.

The next day, we will ask for it again.

Every day, we must seek this food that is forever new – light, wisdom and love – and that we find in the rising sun’s life, light and warmth.

But understand me well: I am not only talking about the physical sun here, I am also, and especially, talking about the spiritual sun.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov