We have seen people who were willing to sacrifice the entire world to save their family. They may have been able to ensure their safety and material well-being, but is this protection enough? Shelter and material comfort have never stopped anyone from suffering when they lack the essential: spiritual nourishment.

It is only possible to give them this spiritual nourishment if we ourselves seek to progress each day on the path of the light.
There is no doubt that most human beings love their family, but they don’t yet know how to truly do them good. Nor do they know that thanks to the tie linking them to their loved ones, they can have a positive influence on them even when they have left the earth, for these parents’ souls will always be there, near them, and take part in their life.

If their sons and daughters study and improve themselves, these parents in the other world will also benefit from the efforts they make. And when these sons and daughters themselves have children, their children will inherit the spiritual riches they acquired.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov