What do faith, hope and love mean for most human beings? Some people might remember as children having heard in church about these three ‘theological’ virtues, meaning they relate to God.

But all that is now far away and may not mean much to them anymore.

And yet, all human beings, whoever they may be, love and have hope and faith.
If these three virtues seem distant and foreign to them it is because they see them as something abstract. They don’t consider them as pillars of their inner life because they don’t yet see God as a living reality and they don’t really know how to imagine him.

How often have I told you that the best image of God is given to us by the sun, the giver of life, light and warmth. Only the sun’s life, light and warmth can make us feel the power, wisdom and love of God.

It is therefore up to us to connect with this divine power, wisdom and love, and we can only do so with hope, faith and love.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov