We shouldn’t be surprised that so many people nowadays claim they no longer believe in God or deny he exists.

They can no longer accept the puerile and simplistic image they are given of God; and since they have no idea what to replace it with, they ask themselves useless questions about his existence.

But they won’t get any answers by wondering about the presence of God. We obtain answers by working to deepen our awareness of a life and a presence.

We can only discover the reality of God within ourselves.
Human beings have now made great progress in their knowledge of the psychic world. It is therefore possible for them to understand that this God that they still see as a being exterior to themselves is in reality within them.

Only then will they acquire true riches and power. Those who see God outside themselves are left to their own limited resources.

While those who realize they are inseparable from the Creator, not only do they lack nothing, but they also see more and more clearly so as to face their difficulties and do good around them.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov