Through his words, a spiritual Master strives to lead his disciples as far as he can; then he must be silent.

It is impossible for him to reveal everything he experiences in his spirit and soul.

A Master can only try to assure his disciples that experiences that are still unimaginable to them are in fact real. And because these experiences permeate his whole being, they also permeate everything he tells them.

Whatever the subject matter, what he passes on to his disciples comes from a very high and distant place. In this way he gives them the desire to experience what he himself has experienced, and through his explanations and the methods he gives, he prepares the conditions for them and shows them the way.
Never forget that I only tell you about your life and the realities and possibilities you have within you.

Even if you are not already aware of them, even if you don’t quite understand what I am telling you, I know that through what I say, I connect with an entity in you, one that is waiting to come to light.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov