On the physical plane, the four elements have the ability to either mutually reinforce or neutralize each another. Air fans fire or blows it out.

Water also extinguishes fire, but fire can turn it into steam. Earth, for its part, absorbs water.

We can find equivalent phenomena on the psychic plane. I have given you exercises to do with earth, because on the psychic plane, earth also has the power to absorb bad currents which are comparable to water.

When you feel troubled or irritated, make a small hole in the ground, place a finger in it and ask the entities that work in its bowels to absorb these negative states. These days, the changes occurring in society are such that humans have less and less contact with the Earth; this is a shame, because this contact is always beneficial to the psyche.

On several occasions, I have advised people who were suffering from anxiety or obsession to work the land. Ploughing, digging, weeding and planting can be done as therapy.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov