Those who work for the good of the collective whole become workers in the field of the Lord. The spirits of light draw close to them to mark them with their seal.

And once they have been marked, it is as if they were listed in a registry: what they are owed is recorded next to their name, and every day they receive a letter, or one might also say a ‘salary’. This salary comes in various forms: strength for the spirit, expansion for the soul, light for the intellect, warmth for the heart, health for the physical body.

We can use another image and say that these beings are connected to a kind of power station: currents descend through the subtle wires that connect them to this station and penetrate them, setting their psychic and spiritual devices in motion.

In a house, all sorts of appliances begin to work as soon as we plug them into electrical sockets.

It is the same with a human being. Just how many transmitters and receptors does each human possess in their different bodies! If they keep them in good working order, when the celestial current passes through them, a whole new life will awaken inside of them and begin to circulate.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov