Earth is a school, a learning centre to which we descend for many reasons, and mainly to settle the debts we incurred in our previous incarnations due to our mistakes. We must also understand the conditions that have been given to us in this life, and finally, seek to perfect ourselves in all areas.
Most humans, not knowing why they are on Earth, content themselves with ensuring their well-being and satisfying their desires.

Whereas someone who is enlightened knows they are here to fix the mistakes made in their past lives. They also try to understand why they incarnated in a such and such a country, such and such a family, and what this situation requires of them.

Finally, they strive to develop all the seeds of the qualities and virtues the Creator has placed within them since eternity. This is why an initiatic school is so essential: nothing surpasses the light it brings to a disciple about the meaning of their earthly life.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov