The seraphim govern the four principles of matter – earth, water, air and fire. It is they who reign at the top of the heavenly hierarchy, in the sephira of Kether.

However, when we humans address the angels of the four elements, we only reach the servants of these four sublime beings. There must be no confusion – only the seraphim are the true fire, air, water and earth; they are inaccessible, and when they decide to manifest themselves, they do so through their servants.

If it so happens that one or more of the four elements unleash themselves on our planet, it is often humans themselves who are to blame: through their actions, but also through their thoughts, feelings, and disorderly behaviour, they constantly upset the forces of nature that eventually intervene to restore order. Why can’t they understand that nothing they do is without consequence? Nature is not something inert and insensitive – it is alive and conscious, and whenever humans go beyond the limits of what it can accept, it reacts.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov