When a conflict arises between two people, they instinctively tend to refer to a third party, or else to a higher authority who must find a solution upon which they can agree, and this, as a rule, is the role of courts of law.

If two people end up in court, it is because they have not been able to solve their problems on their own – those they have with each other, but also those they have with themselves.

Because most often, the problems we have with others are the result of the ones we first and foremost have with ourselves.
We can only resolve our problems, and especially our inner problems, by focusing on a third and higher authority. It is this highest, most powerful authority that we call God, and we must, therefore, strive to reach him.

God is the light within us, he is unity, and when we make the effort to rise all the way up to him, our inner tensions subside, currents harmonize, and we are reconciled with ourselves and with others.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov