The only thing that enables us to relate to the Creator, our heavenly Father, is our understanding of what true life is. Until then, we can only have approximate, superficial, and mistaken concepts of him.

Instead of looking for God in themselves, in the life he has given them, people make do with what has been said about him. Then they discuss the pros and cons, they ask themselves questions, they wonder whether he exists or not, and they remain forever uncertain and build nothing.

The only ones who will never again ask questions about the existence of God are those who allow life to spring up within them.
Life, divine life, exists outside us, but it also exists within us; we are steeped in it.

Even if they are rare, we do meet beings on earth who have understood the value and the beauty of this life and are living it. The heavenly powers show those who seek true life where to find those beings who have found it, so that these beings may help them and take them along with them.

Then, even in the midst of great difficulties, they will never feel really isolated or abandoned.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov