Why do humans have the ability to rebel against God? Because when he created them, he placed his own will inside them. God is all-powerful, but he wanted to collaborate with human beings, and he gave them freedom.

He made them responsible. So, it is up to humans to know how to use their freedom.

And the best way to use it is to dedicate one’s life to opening up a pathway, so that the energy currents from the world above come down and act on the earth, transforming it and purifying it.
Even if nature is beautiful, behind this apparent beauty and harmony, mountains, valleys, rivers, oceans and even the soil we walk on are permeated by unhealthy, harmful fluids. These have been produced over many, many centuries by generations of creatures living in violence, anarchy and chaos.

This is why it is necessary for people who are conscious of their responsibility to make up their mind and set to work to neutralize dark currents, which are the cause of so much disorder and misfortune.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov