Humans must stop thinking of God as a Being outside of them. They must even stop imagining that he is somewhere above, in the heavens, while they are here on earth, separated from him by immeasurable distances; they think this justifies all the mistakes they make.

Since God created them, he is in them, the same way a father and mother are in the child they gave birth to. Just as we carry our earthly father and mother inside us, all the more reason that we also carry our heavenly Father and Mother.

Many will say they don’t sense them.

It’s quite simply that they are not looking for them.
If you use meditation and prayer to try to go deep within, you will discover this presence.

You will also understand that nothing is more important than working to make this presence more and more alive within you. You will begin to read this presence like writing engraved on your heart, and this living writing, at the same time as protecting you, will lead you along the paths of light.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov