Certain tendencies are deeply-rooted in human beings, while others must be constantly stimulated through education, by rules imposed upon them or that are self-imposed, as well as through studies and through prayer. Humans do not need to be prodded to satisfy their hunger, their taste for pleasure, their desire to dominate others and to possess more and more.

These instincts are so deeply entrenched in them that even if they wish to resist them, it is very hard.
But when it comes to reasoning, to showing discernment, restraint and mastery, then encouragement and support are needed. This is explained by the fact that humans’ instinctive nature, inherited from the animal kingdom, has for millennia had ample time to develop, to strengthen itself within them.

Wisdom, on the contrary, which belongs to regions far removed from instincts, has only emerged recently in them, which is why it struggles to make its voice heard. But humans must turn to it each day, providing it with the conditions and the means to impose itself.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov