As churches and temples are holy places where multitudes of people have already gathered to pray, you will find good conditions to pray there. But the most important element is you.

Introduce order, purity, and light within you and wherever you are, your prayer will rise up to the throne of God.
And just as it is not necessary to enter a place of worship to worship God, neither is there necessarily a time. Each religion has chosen a particular day for worship.

But in reality there is no difference between these days. In the eyes of God, every day is equally sacred and blessed.

It makes no sense to spend six days in prosaic pursuits and activities, then on the seventh, finally remember that God exists and turn our gaze to him. In what state will you come before him if you have lived negligently and unconsciously the six other days? What you experience on the seventh day depends on how you have lived the previous six.

It is therefore everywhere and every day that we must feel like we are in the temple of God to celebrate and adore him.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov