The sun, which looks the same to us each day, is in fact always new: at every moment, its emanations and its radiations are different. It is the life, the content that is at all times new.

When you are able to go far and high enough, beyond the container, beyond the forms, in order to penetrate the content, that is to say the life, you will find that everything is new – heaven and earth are constantly new!
So many riches, so many wonders are right in front of people’s eyes, but they have yet to see them because their consciousness is obscured, it stagnates too low down. But the day they reach a higher level of consciousness, they will discover what in reality has always existed, and what they had never seen before.

Every day of the year, the sun shines above them, but they have not yet seen it until they rejoice in its presence, and feel that it is a living, intelligent being, with which they can establish a relationship.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov