In the sacred texts, bread is often the symbol of spiritual food: that which we receive from heaven, but also that which we are able to give.

All the good things prepared by our heart, our intellect, our soul and our spirit are like bread that we must not let lower entities eat, but keep safely for angels and heavenly entities.

So many visitors from the divine world would be happy to stay amongst us, but they cannot remain in just any conditions. If, when they arrive, they find that they were not expected and that dark entities have already eaten everything that should have been used to feed them, they move on.

Take this truth seriously. Tell yourselves that spirits of light come down to visit humans every day.

They are visitors bearing gifts, but we must at least be able to welcome them with food they appreciate: thoughts and feelings inspired by the need to grow increasingly more in the light. Otherwise, they will leave, because they do not want to starve and they will never accept to nourish themselves with impurities.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov