If humans do not know how to act today, what future do they think they can expect? While hoping it will be better, in truth they are worried: what to do to be safe from need, from danger? For it is true that the future is always uncertain.

It is therefore pointless to waste time and energy worrying about all the accidents that might happen and the ways of protecting ourselves.

Whatever the events, the only way to find solutions for the future is to do the best job we can today.
The present can therefore be defined as the means of remedying the mistakes of the past and of creating the future.

People who always postpone the efforts to be made, never know the future, they stagnate in an endless past. As long as the present remains the same as the past, the future can only be an extension, an amplification of the past.

For those who are lazy and neglectful, the past lingers on, whereas for those who are conscious and active, the present works on the past and prepares a future of light and joy.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov