Although you are in a spiritual Teaching, and have decided to walk the path of light, this will not prevent you from having accidents or misfortunes from time to time. We are not safe from trials just because we are in an initiatic school.

To be free from trials, you must already have settled all your past debts. If they are still hanging over you, regardless of whether or not you follow a divine teaching, or whether or not you are in the light, you must still pay up.
You are indeed on the right path, and of course, you are now making every effort to do only good, but you should know that the good you do will bear fruit in the future, not right away.

So, when you go through hard times, you must accept them and say, ‘Lord God, this cannot destroy the good work I have already done. So much the better if troubles befall me, it means that I am freeing myself and that is fine.

Now I know why this is happening to me; I will no longer rebel, and I will no longer ask to be spared.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov