We are placed between the lower world and the higher world, and it is up to us to decide and to choose the divine principle, the spirit. You might say ‘But why doesn’t the spirit impose itself since it is almighty?’ Fire is almighty too, it can burn everything, but if you light a candle, you will see how feeble the flame is – it just takes a slight breath to blow it out.

Like fire, the spirit is weak, and if you do not feed it, it cannot do anything. This is what you have yet to understand.

You sit there waiting, counting on the omnipotence of the spirit, but as you do nothing to draw it into to you, of course, nothing happens. The spirit is almighty up above, but here on earth, it cannot do anything until you provide it with the right conditions for it to manifest itself.

So it is up to you to be resolved and to give priority to the spirit.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov