You have a problem. Well, take it and compare it with everything you possess, all your riches and faculties.

Place the two side by side – this problem will pale in comparison, it will disappear before the grandeur and the immensity of what you have. You must learn to stack your sorrows and your sadness against your treasures, your future, and you will see that not a trace of your worries will remain.

As for all those evil spirits of the invisible world that want to trouble and discourage you, tell them, ‘Come here, I have something to show you’, and place them before all of your current possibilities as well as those that await you. Of course, these entities will persist at first, but they will quickly understand that they are wasting their time with you, and will leave you in peace.

Get into the habit of doing such exercises and you will see that you can transform and improve many things.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov