In a world weakened by the collapse of “Meaning” links between people (family, work, love), this project carry a fundamental message for all of us

This Symphony is a journey from the intangible to our reality … a new thought on human existence embodied by an innovative and unifying theory of multidimensional multi-being

Over 8 months of work in the Recording Studio!
Over 60 singers involved!
The Symphony of Links “tells” 15 links in us through 15 titles and the grand finale … An exceptional symphonic work in 432 Hz for an emotional resonance in high definition

Olivier BENOIT: Author and Producer
Théodore ERISTOFF: Composer and Arranger

Marketing planned for March 2020
Show planned for 2020: “The Experience of the Symphony of Links” with more than 60 singers on stage and various artistic interventions.

You want to participate in one way or another, to help us communicate, to help us put on the show, to intervene and express yourself on stage (dance, mime, etc …), to help us to raise funds, patrons, …

Contact us, we need you!

More information on the OSENS theory of multidimensional multi-being:

Olivier BENOIT