Why do some people want a talisman? In order to be sustained in luminous, disinterested work, or to succeed without having to make any effort? Unfortunately, it is more often the latter case.

Greed and laziness are most often at the root of this desire to possess a talisman.

Why bother to study, reflect, meditate, pray or be vigilant? The talisman is there; it will do the work, and meanwhile its owner can stroll about and sample every pleasure, profiting from everything the talisman has to offer them. Well, that is not how a talisman should be used.

This is why a true magus does not satisfy every request for a talisman; he knows that given the use people will make of it, nothing good will come of it for them. On the contrary, they could even harm those around them.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov