This question being often asked, Monique agreed to make her story public with an interview done a few years ago after a conversation with the Beings of Light.

Question: I’d like to ask you, how did you realize that you had become a channel?

“More than twenty years ago, I experienced a very particular luminous phenomena, i.e. I was abducted into an immense light and led toward what I then called a moon, a silver color sphere, and I was saying to myself, ‘But where am I going? It’s wonderful! What am I doing?’

“I can say that I was abducted with my physical body, because I can now compare projections of consciousness, out-of-body experiences and physical abductions.

“When I ‘returned’ to myself, I had amnesia. I didn’t recall what had happened to me, yet my husband had been right beside me. (I learned later that he, too, had experienced this abduction, but he didn’t remember, either). I had flashbacks of what had happened to me eight days later at friend’s. And as I was unfortunately very cerebral (I say unfortunately, because it didn’t make my life easy), I wanted to understand what had happened to me. It’s not possible to understand when there are blockages. My ‘memory’ had been locked, and I wasn’t able to understand.

“For a year, I experienced very strange phenomena in my bedroom; I saw balls of light and a lot of manifestations that I didn’t use to see before. I kept saying to myself: ‘This is my unconscious.’ Then when I started to talk, almost from one day to another, I felt very uneasy! It took me two years and a half before I accepted it, because I kept thinking this was coming from my subconscious.

“That lasted until the day ‘they’ made me experience clairvoyance in such a way that I couldn’t doubt one second more that this wasn’t coming from me, because before that I wasn’t clairvoyant. When I was asked something, I would reply with an incredible accuracy as opposed to what I was able to do before. Hence, I started to wonder and to say to myself, ‘Monique, this is not you! There is really something going on there!’

“Rapidly an important group formed around me. During the talks with the Beings of Light I always felt uneasy about what I was saying. I would say to myself, ‘What am I going to tell people?’ and I couldn’t understand that what I was saying wasn’t from me. It took me a long time before I could accept the fact that I was a tool in the hands of Marvelous Powers!

“There was much suffering as long as I couldn’t accept this new state of being. Physically, I had problems, but the day I accepted, everything went smoothly, I didn’t have any more difficulties. I, as well as all those who were around me, made great progress.

“This all hit me like ‘a punch on the head!’ I hadn’t asked for this, I knew nothing of all this before, yet from one day to another my life was transformed. And not just mine! My husband, my children, all those around me, my friends lives were transformed as well.

“I had friends. Since they didn’t understand what was happening to me, I lost them! It weakened me a lot! It’s true that I didn’t understand it because I thought that I hadn’t changed. In my case, it was the energy that I conveyed which my old friends, my old relationships, didn’t always accept. A ditch has been dug, and I found myself having other friends.

“It’s really a great adventure, and I assure you, I am the first one to have spent so many years before believing it! I kept saying to myself: ‘It isn’t possible! Why has this happened to me? I didn’t ask anybody for anything! There certainly are much more evolved beings more ready to access this than I am!’ I never had read books on spirituality; neither did I know anything about esotericism!

” ‘Heaven’ decided otherwise! It was Monique Mathieu who was ‘chosen’ to be the channel for the Exceptional Force of Love Energies.”

Question: Were you a believer before this?

“Yes and no! I am from a Catholic background, and like many, I had communion. Then I did turn away a bit from the Church because it didn’t bring the answers I was expecting. For a while, I lived my life without any belief, even a bit against spirituality as I knew it, because I had lived a year with nuns, and their behavior had turned me away from religion.

“When I was called to be the voice of certain spirituality, I ‘delayed as much as possible’ because I said, ‘No, it isn’t me, it doesn’t interest me, I don’t feel like talking!’ But what can one do against the Powers of Love? Nothing!

“At first, quite reluctantly, I then opened myself to this path. I can never be thankful enough! I can tell you that it’s a difficult path for those who are led to this! I’m thinking about my spouse who has been the most wonderful man, because I have disrupted his life. I might have forced him to reach something, as I myself was being forced to reach something which we both thought then wasn’t our way! It certainly required lots and lots of love from him to accept what I have become.”

Question: You said that you suffered as you were becoming a channel. What happened?

“I suffered because I doubted! I denied, I didn’t let go. I was thinking all this was fantasy, and fantasy doesn’t exist. So I suffered, because I was in total duality between the energies that I was receiving which were transforming me to be a good channel and my totally human energies, my personality which didn’t want to lose what it was before. I didn’t want to let go. I wanted to keep my old ways of doing things.

“What I went through disrupted my life! When there is duality, when there is confrontation between what one was and what one must become, there is suffering. For two years and a half to three years, I went through a rather difficult time, moments of retrospect.

“There are always miracles in life, because had I not had the dearest friends who always pushed me, who believed in me, I wouldn’t be here today talking to you, I would have dropped everything, I would have abandoned everything, I would have turned the page and forgotten. All those who have been around me believed in me! Understanding that I was living something exceptional, they carried me, they paved my way, and I owe them all many thanks. Had they not been with me, I wouldn’t be here; I wouldn’t have had the courage to go to the end! It’s thanks to them and to all the others that I was able to continue.”

Question: Wouldn’t you have a call to order from up there?

“No, perhaps not, perhaps they would have chosen someone else. In fact, I don’t know because it didn’t happen! I think they have so much love that they would have respected my desire! However, I believe this was part of my life plan, and I couldn’t withdraw from it.”

It seems that the support that was put around you was extremely beneficial!

“Totally! Absolutely! They were not around me for nothing!

“Had I not had around me since the beginning, a group of very caring people who have pulled me, have pushed me, have forced me to move up, who have totally believed in me and in what I was saying, I would never have been able to continue! Nothing happens by chance! This is why I really thank them!”

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