Marriages are rarely perfect, but instead of wanting to get divorced right away, it would be better to try to put up with the inconveniences and say to yourself, ‘If fate led me to my husband, I must have deserved him as a result of my past incarnations, for there is justice in this world. I must therefore try to accept him in this incarnation; I must learn and improve myself’.

This way, instead of incurring new debts by seeking to free yourself, you clear your old debts. Whereas if you behave badly, without generosity or patience, the debt will grow and you will find yourselves together again in another incarnation to settle it perhaps in some other way.
So, this philosophy is worth accepting in order to free ourselves.

Because the husband may also ask himself, ‘Why, of the more than three billion women in this world, did I fall for this one?’ When he thinks about it, he too will find that it was not by chance. There were so many others – but no, precisely this one! Because it is through this woman that inner work will be done, thanks to which he will develop certain qualities and virtues.

You see, we fail to reason this way because we have not been taught about reincarnation, the law of cause and consequence, and karma.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov