How do true Initiates, true disciples present themselves? They are always natural, simple, and accessible. Why draw attention to oneself with superior airs? You will say, ‘So, we should not display our spiritual achievements?’ – Yes, you have to show them.

– ‘And how?’ Since you have worked on yourself, since you have modelled and sculpted yourself, let your body, your facial features, your bearing and your gestures speak for you while you keep it simple and natural.

Why impose yourself with affected behaviour?
Since you follow a spiritual teaching, understand that the wisdom, purity and nobility you possess must be reflected on your face, your expression, without any need on your part to adopt all sorts of attitudes to advertise them.

Allow your inner work to speak for itself and even without your realizing, it will bear witness on your behalf.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov