At the moment, everyone feels obliged to hurry, to scramble, because they have to produce more and more in order to sell more and more, so that they can buy more and more.

The economy depends on it, they say! So, in the interest of the economy, we find it perfectly normal to wear humans out, for that is how the economy will thrive and flourish, while exhausted, harried humans are driven into the ground, their nervous system in tatters.

And not just their nervous system – their heart, stomach and lungs suffer as well because all this activity, all this production, this accelerated consumption bring with it pollution that poisons the atmosphere, the seas, forests, water, land, food, and so forth. Well, that is not smart, nor is it reasonable.

Is a so-called ‘economy’ that spoils, destroys, pollutes and wastes, a true economy?

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov