Some people claim that children should be excused for their disobedience and rudeness because, they say, they are so much more intelligent than their parents that they have to challenge them. While it is true that some children are really exceptional, such case are extremely rare, and it is simply not true that most children are geniuses who are justified in rebelling against stupid parents.

Besides, you must remember that there is always a reason why a child is born into a particular family; now that it is there, it is too late to criticize and condemn them. If it is really such a genius, why did it choose a family of idiots? If the child has joined this family, it is in order to learn, and while it is learning, it must accept its parents.

Later on, perhaps things will be different, but now that it is a member of this family, it must live in harmony with it.

Once the child has given proof of genuine superiority, it can do what it likes, but not before.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov