Only one thing is really important for human beings, and that is their ability to concentrate on divine realities. This ability will enable them to continue to progress peacefully for the rest of eternity.

Suppose that you leave this world and find yourself all alone in a dark, dense atmosphere, which prevents you from seeing either your friends or the angels.

You are alone, who will come to save you? Your ability to concentrate on divine realities.

Yes, this ability endures after death, because although it is reflected in the brain, it is not a product of the brain but of the immortal spirit. When someone leaves their physical body, this ability survives in their spirit.

It is the spirit that thinks, feels, and acts through the medium of the physical, material body. But once freed from the body, do not think that human beings can no longer feel, think or act.

On the contrary, it is then that they can do so with real power. If, while on earth, they have acquired the habit of concentrating on luminous subjects, they will only need to think of the Lord or of light to dispel all danger and darkness.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov