Human beings must begin to put their energies at the service of heaven when they are still very young.

In this way, they prepare good conditions for later on in life, because when these energies are dedicated to heaven, they attract particles of an extremely subtle matter, thus contributing to the formation of a more perfect physical and psychic body.

Matter cannot exist without energy, and energy cannot exist without a material support. Therefore, when human beings direct their energies towards heavenly regions, those energies naturally attract material particles of a finer, lighter, subtler quality, particles that can rise to the highest peaks, and these particles gradually accumulate and prepare the new conditions for the future.

But the reverse can also occur: energies spent on gross, chaotic activities draw opaque, impure particles of matter, and a few years later, those who have accumulated within them such shoddy particles soon become decrepit.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov