It is true that happiness can be found in marriage, but only when husband and wife have the right attitude towards each other and learn to seek the divine dimension in each other.

Unless they seek their partner’s soul and spirit – that divine dimension for which they must be ready to make any and every sacrifice – they will never be satisfied with each other’s physical bodies.

When a man dies and his soul leaves his body, nothing remains but a corpse and even his wife says he must be buried. And yet she loved him, she still loves him; but it is the subtle dimension that one loves in another, not the physical matter, for it is the divine, spiritual dimension in humans that is alive.

The physical body is always the same; it grows old and after a while, we lose interest in it. But our inner lives are like flowing water, always new, always different and it is this water that we love.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov