Many people claim to be working for the future, for their own and their children’s future; they put money in the bank, buy stocks and shares, take out life insurance, and they think that by doing so, they are working for the future! But for heaven’s sake, what do they mean by the future? The future is far more than the thirty, forty or fifty years that still remain of their life on earth, or even their children’s and grand-children’s lifespans! This future for which human beings believe they are working is so near that it will quickly become the present, a present that will soon disappear. In other words, they are working in a vacuum; they are working for the wind.

Yes, all the events that will unfold in this life actually belong to the present.

The future is something else and you do not really know what it is yet.

The future of which I speak is beyond the past and present; it is eternity, infinity, and it is within our power to create that future.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov