The consciousness of most human beings is often no more than a manifestation of the subconscious, that is, all the imprints from the past, all their hereditary instincts and animal tendencies constantly rise to the surface and project their image onto the screen of consciousness. This is why, when disciples first set foot on the path of initiation, they must expect some surprises.

They want to pray, and to be good and pure, but then other desires arise and cry out, ‘Oh no, not that! We want something else!’ And often enough the poor things give in. But if, despite everything, they continue to resist these base desires, they gradually become freer and begin to live on the level of the superconsciousness.

Heavenly creatures who witness their efforts come to their aid, and they feel supported and enlightened, their consciousness begins to expand and become clearer. This does not mean that they are completely immune to the forces of the subconscious; no, these forces will still try to drag them back to their animal lives.

But if disciples persevere in their efforts, after a while, a barrier will be established between them and the subterranean world, and then they will truly be beyond reach.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov