Never allow your lower nature to dictate to you. You can always give it the benefit of the doubt by saying, ‘Right, it is what it is for reasons that were undoubtedly valid in the past at a certain stage of evolution, when humans, like animals, had to obey their instincts.

But now, having reached a more advanced stage of evolution, Cosmic Intelligence has other plans for me.’ So, never follow your lower nature, nor those people who are subject to theirs. You can of course, forgive them, as you understand the cause of their attitude and behaviour, but you must not do as they do – that would be like signing your own death warrant.

It is one thing to understand, excuse and forgive them – you may, in fact, you must do so – but you yourself must obey your higher nature.

In doing so, you will always be on the right path and you may even show others the way.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov