You all know what a troika is: a vehicle drawn by three horses harnessed together. Well, every human being drives a troika.

The three horses are, symbolically speaking, our three bodies – physical, astral and mental – and we must guide them all at once. Each horse is of a different colour: the physical horse is red, the astral horse is green, and the mental horse is yellow.

In order to keep the three horses moving obediently and harmoniously in step, the disciple must keep a firm grip on the reins. That is to say, the disciple must guide them by means of the subtle, etheric reins of the will and must know exactly how to control each one.

Our physical horse needs food and drink in moderation along with exercises that develop flexibility.

Our astral horse must be tamed with purity, gentleness and love.

Lastly, our mental horse must be trained to be attentive and vigilant. So, our task is to regain control over our horses, to keep them in step so that they do not throw us or take us where we do not want to go.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov