For a student of Initiatic Science, the sun is not simply the star shining up in the sky. It is also the light of intelligence; it is love, an impetus towards all that is positive and constructive; it is life, spiritual life, pure life.

The sun thus embraces a whole science, and it is this science that is the true universal panacea. That is why it is not enough to expose one’s body to the light of the physical sun; the important thing is to understand the three higher principles – heat, light and life.

The universal panacea is not a potion concocted by some alchemist or magician.

To obtain it, you have to understand and love only what is divine and never let any impurities enter you.

We do not only nourish ourselves on a physical level; we also nourish ourselves on the level of our thoughts and feelings. This is why our rules concerning nutrition apply to all three levels: eating pure foods but also ‘eating’ pure thoughts and pure feelings.

The rules of nutrition concern the whole human being.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov